G. L. Jain (Chairman)

Mahak group was founded by Chairman G.L Jain, who is backed by 40 years of experience of food and processing industries and is a visionary. His perceptiveness about the product line up, his guidance for the organization and co-operation at all levels keeps Mahak success map clear. He believes that growth should never be limited and accordingly the vision for growth should continuously be widened time to time. His dream which took shape from a small town entrepreneur to becoming a big time industrialist, made him earn a reputation in the field of food industries.

S. K. Jain (CEO & Managing Director)

The Managing Director S.K. Jain is the main force behind the organization enriched with experience of food/ fruit products of around 25 years. Both the new concept of fruit jelly and ethnic sweet are his creation. He is always passionate for pursuit of new ways of business with challenge to attain new heights and keep growing. He believes “upcoming entrepreneurs should set short duration goals, since the risk quotient decreases and once a goal is achieved, it keeps you motivated, although never leave sight of your larger vision”.

Sajal Jain (Head – Distribution Network, Production Facilities)

Highly qualified with a graduate degree in Business Administration from Perth, Australia. Assisting in organizing the distribution network and the production facilities. A part of the organization for more than a decade, with his brilliance at work and excellence always an asset for the organization. He is a self motivated individual with great zeal to work harder and to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the organization.

Arti Jain(Director – Sales & Marketing)

Qualified with Master’s in Information & System from Melbourne. Designated as the Director- Sales & Marketing, she handles all Sales & Marketing of this organization Joined hands with the company since 2005 and got ChocOn available to the masses. With her immense academic knowledge and expertise in market, she has always been a gem for the organization. The way she led as a Director is really commendable and is a real inspiration for others.